Mission Statement

Our mission at Great Eagle Gold Corp. is to build exceptional shareholder value as the world’s premier digital gold miner, specializing in the tokenization of certified gold resources into NatGold coins. We are positioned at the forefront of the rapidly expanding NatGold industry with tremendous global growth potential.

Our Strategy

NatGold mining involves “exchanging” mining titles containing National Instrument 43-101 (“NI 43-101”) certified gold resources for NatGold coins through an ESG-friendly digital mining process, as opposed to physical extraction of gold. This process, widely known as the tokenization of real-world assets, is conducted within a fully auditable, transparent, and regulatory compliant ecosystem, managed by OroEx Corp.

Our strategy is to acquire a strategically assembled, cost-effective portfolio of mining titles containing NI 43-101 certified gold resources that are tokenization-ready due to their compliance with OroEx’s NatGold tokenization policies.

Currently, although several countries are reportedly in the process of developing “Natural Gold” or “NatGold” legislation, Great Eagle’s acquisition strategy is solely focused at this time on acquiring U.S. Patented Land Claims containing NI 43-101 certified gold resources.

U.S. Patented Land Claims offer a notable exception to modern legislative constraints, providing a vital pathway that’s open for the digital mining of gold through tokenization. These claims meet all of OroEx’s policy requirements and are immediately ready for tokenization. The private ownership of mineral rights, no fees or taxes payable to the state, title transferability, and the separation of subsurface mineral rights from surface rights position them as an invaluable cornerstone for the burgeoning NatGold industry.

In summary, while Great Eagle has its eye set on the global picture, it is strategically focused on the low-lying, tokenization-ready opportunities—U.S. Patented Land Claims. This unique program, exclusive to the United States, has paved the way for these claims hosting NI 43-101 certified gold resources to be digitally mined into NatGold coins. Although the program ended in 1994, it operated for more than 120 years, beginning in 1872. Consequently, there are over 53,000 registered claims of this type in the United States, and while many do not have NI 43-101 certified gold resources, a significant number do. Great Eagle’s strategy to acquire a strategic portfolio of low-cost, high tokenization value U.S. Patented Land Claims positions it to be the first to benefit from NatGold coins as soon as the OroEx ecosystem is prepared to process its first digital mining tokenization event.