Historic California-Based Gold Project Poised for Tokenization

Great Eagle Gold First in Line for Tokenization with Global NatGold Tokenization and Monetization Ecosystem Manager, OroEx Corp.

Cahuilla: Certified Gold Deposit

The Cahuilla Gold Project, located on a U.S. Patented Land Claim in Imperial County, California, boasts a National Instrument 43-101 certified gold deposit with 87,487 inferred and 1,420,660 indicated gold and gold equivalent resources. Cahuilla acquisition details and terms.

Receives Pre-Tokenization Approval

Cahuilla is the first certified gold deposit to receive pre-approval for tokenization by OroEx Corp. Final tokenization approval is required by the NatGold Integrity Trust, along with Great Eagle Gold closing on the Cahuilla acquisition.

NatGold Tokenization Ratios

The Swiss-based International NatGold Council, the leading authority in the NatGold industry sets the tokenization ratios for OroEx to mint NatGold coins. These ratios, based on inferred, indicated, and measured gold resources, reflect industry-standard probability valuations recognized by the global financial community for in-ground certified gold deposits.

Gross Tokenization Breakdown

The math behind the pending Cahuilla NatGold coin minting:

Tokenization Fees & Donations

OroEx Corp. takes a 10% tokenization fee, 5% is retained by the NatGold Integrity Fund for contingencies, 2.5% is donated to the International NatGold Council, and 2% goes to Great Eagle’s Social Giveback Program, supporting local community development initiatives near digitally mined gold deposits.

Great Eagle’s Net Coin Allocation

After deducting the 114,028 natGold coins from the gross coin minting of 584,761, Great Eagle is left with 470,733 NatGold coins to its benefit.

Projected Cahuilla Coin Value

Baseline NatGold Coin Valuation for Great Eagle’s 470,733 Net Allocation (No ESG Coin Premium Included)

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