Great Eagle Gold Corp. Celebrates Patricia Kovacevic’s Board Appointment to the International NatGold Council

Burnaby, BC – March 14, 2024 – Great Eagle Gold Corp. (CSE: GEGC | FRA: GI8) announces the election of Patricia Kovacevic to the Board of Directors of the International NatGold Council (IGGC). Patricia will continue to serve as an independent board member at Great Eagle Gold Corp (“Great Eagle Gold”),.

The IGGC, located in Geneva, Switzerland, is on a mission to redefine gold’s function in the contemporary economy by introducing NatGold. This endeavor is a substantial change in how gold is perceived, focusing on environmental sustainability and social responsibility, while still highlighting gold’s fundamental role as a universal medium of exchange.

NatGold is made up of certified gold resources, the value of which is unlocked through tokenization, and monetization in a well-regulated, stable ecosystem that is fully harmonized with the international financial system. This strategy not only retains the traditional significance of certified gold by leaving it in its untouched state but also presents an environmentally sound option to traditional mining methods.

Leading the charge in the NatGold sector, the INC is dedicated to formulating legislative policies, setting standards for the industry, and advocating for practices that support a strong international market. Its aim is to develop a sustainable and just monetary system that makes the most of the inherent worth of gold.

Steve Moses, Chairman of the INC, remarked on Patricia Kovacevic’s appointment, stating, “With her extensive background in regulatory legal matters, underscored by her senior roles in legal and regulatory affairs at CryoMass Technologies Inc. and Philip Morris International, Patricia brings a wealth of experience in collaborating with governmental regulatory bodies. Her dedication to setting leading-edge policies and standards for the burgeoning NatGold industry is expected to be invaluable.”

The IGGC’s mission revolves around four core pillars designed to nurture a thriving global NatGold market to benefit its sponsoring members and stakeholders:

  • Promoting NatGold policy legislation globally for governments.
  • Advocating the value proposition of NatGold for investors.
  • Developing policies and standards for NatGold Miners.
  • Formulating policies and standards for NatGold Tokenizers.

Following her appointment, Patricia shared her excitement, saying, “It’s a privilege to become a member of the International NatGold Council’s Board of Directors and play a role in propelling this innovative sector forward. I am committed to the council’s vision of aligning regulatory compliance with digital asset innovation, aiming to reestablish gold as a dependable, environmentally and socially responsible asset. I am enthusiastic about contributing to the development of this emerging industry and aiding Great Eagle Gold in its trailblazing position as the world’s Premier NatGold Miner.”

Marketing Agreements Update

Further to Great Eagle Gold’s news release on February 28, 2024, the Company provides additional information in regards to certain Marketing Agreements that have been entered into.

Great Eagle Gold has retained TD Medial LLC, dba Life Water Media (“Life Water”) of 5826 New Territory Blvd., Unit 2144, Sugar land Texas, to provide digital marketing services pursuant to an agreement ‎ entered into between the Company and Life Water dated February 27, 2024 (the “Life Water Agreement”). Life Water’s specific duties under the ‎ Life Water Agreement include the creation of media‎ and advertising, dissemination on various digital platforms, digital marketing campaigns, influencer management and communication on digital mediums.

The Life Water Agreement has a term of six months, unless extended upon a subsequent mutual agreement, or unless terminated by either party at any time. Pursuant to the Life Water Agreement, Great Eagle Gold‎ will pay Life Water a fee of US$100,000 for the first month of the term and thereafter may elect to provide additional payments as the services proceed. ‎

In addition, Great Eagle Gold has also retained MIC Market Information & Content Publishing GmbH of Gerhart-Haupptman-Str. 49B, 51379 Leverkusen, Germany (“MIC”) to provide online marketing services pursuant to an agreement ‎ entered into between the Company and MIC dated February 27, 2024 (the “MIC Agreement”). MIC’s specific duties under the ‎ MIC Agreement include the creation of text material and advertisements, creation of campaign and ad groups, keyword research, marketing campaigns and management of the foregoing.

The MIC Agreement has a term of six months, unless terminated by either party upon the provision of 30 days’ notice. Pursuant to the MIC Agreement, Great Eagle Gold ‎ will pay MIC a fee of 16% of the marketing budget being managed by MIC, with the current proposed budget to total €100,000.

Stock Option Grants

The Company announces that it has granted incentive stock options (the “Options”), pursuant to its stock option plan (the “Plan”), consisting of 650,000 common shares of the Company, to certain directors, officers and consultants of the Company.

The Options are exercisable at a price of CDN$0.51 for a period of 5 years.  The Options, which vest immediately, and the common shares issuable upon exercise will be subject to a four-month hold period expiring on July 12, 2024.

About Great Eagle Gold Corp.

Great Eagle Gold Corp. (CSE: GEGC | FRA: GI8), a Canadian public company, is the world’s premier NatGold miner. Championed by the Geneva-based International NatGold Council, NatGold represents a pioneering fusion of ESG principles, gold investment security, and digital asset innovation, positioning itself at the forefront of a super-trend that merges these three domains into one unparalleled real-world asset-backed investment opportunity. NatGold captures gold’s intrinsic value via a novel, legislatively supported, ESG-friendly digital mining process instead of traditional physical extraction.

Great Eagle’s unique strategy centers on acquiring NI 43-101 certified gold resources to digitally mine NatGold coins within the cutting-edge NatGold tokenization and monetization ecosystem, operated by New York-based OroEx Corp. This approach allows Great Eagle Gold to adopt an innovative, ESG-friendly method to monetize gold’s intrinsic value. The company’s acquisition strategy is internationally focused, aiming to secure mining titles with NI 43-101 certified gold resources, in readiness for the expected global adoption of NatGold legislation that will enhance tokenization opportunities worldwide.

The securities referred to herein will not be or have not been registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an applicable exemption from registration requirements. Neither the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), nor the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE), nor their Regulation Services Providers accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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