Great Eagle Gold Corp. and OroEx Corp. Forge Strategic Alliance Under IGGC Guidance to Lead NatGold Industry Development

Burnaby, BC – February 22, 2024 – Great Eagle Gold Corp. (CSE: GEGC I FRA: GI8), the premier Digital NatGold Miner, announces a strategic business development agreement with OroEx Corp., the leading NatGold Tokenizer focused on fostering knowledge exchange and collaborative industry development efforts across global operations in conjunction with the Swiss-based International NatGold Council (“INC”). The agreement, effective for an initial three-year term with options for renewal or termination by mutual consent, signifies a pivotal advancement in the NatGold industry, combining the strengths of both companies to enhance global industry standards and overall market development.

Key Components of the Agreement

  • Establishing Industry Standards: This alliance is designed to share business intelligence, proprietary developments, and insights, all under strict confidentiality to better synchronize each parties business model with a focus on establishing best practices industry standards for future NatGold Miners and NatGold Tokenizers to follow.
  • Public Relations and Marketing Collaboration: Developing and funding initiatives, to be implemented and led by the IGGC, to enhance global education of the benefits of NatGold and to develop widespread consumer demand.
  • Review Meetings: Regular scheduling of meetings to be overseen by a joint steering committee established to assess progress and adjust strategies as necessary.

Commercial Advantages

Great Eagle Gold Corp. gains priority in OroEx’s tokenization queue, with the flexibility to engage alternative platforms under specific conditions.

OroEx Corp. receives exclusive access to Great Eagle’s NatGold mining title portfolio for tokenization, benefiting from Great Eagle’s business intelligence and proprietary developments.

Great Eagle Gold Corp.’s Director and CEO, Andrew Fletcher, emphasizes the strategic importance of this partnership: “As leaders in our respective fields, this alliance between Great Eagle Gold Corp. and OroEx Corp. facilitates crucial knowledge transfers, enhancing the integrity and sustainability of the digital NatGold industry. Our collaboration, coordinated with the International NatGold Council, underpins our shared dedication to setting new industry standards, ensuring excellence and innovation in the NatGold sector.”

Andrés Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of OroEx, shared his insights on the collaboration’s strategic importance, “This collaborative information-sharing agreement with Great Eagle Gold Corp. is a critical step in reinforcing that our tokenization ecosystem is designed to ensure maximum credibility and integrity, setting the standard for NatGold tokenization. I look forward to working with Andrew and his team at Great Eagle.”

About Great Eagle Gold Corp.

Great Eagle Gold Corp. (CSE: GEGC | FRA: GI8), a Canadian public company, is the world’s premier NatGold miner. Championed by the Geneva-based International NatGold Council, NatGold represents a pioneering fusion of ESG principles, gold investment security, and digital asset innovation, positioning itself at the forefront of a super-trend that merges these three domains into one unparalleled real-world asset-backed investment opportunity. NatGold captures gold’s intrinsic value via a novel, legislatively supported, ESG-friendly digital mining process instead of traditional physical extraction.

Great Eagle’s unique strategy centers on acquiring NI 43-101 certified gold resources to digitally mine NatGold coins within the cutting-edge NatGold tokenization and monetization ecosystem, operated by New York-based OroEx Corp. This approach allows Great Eagle Gold to adopt an innovative, ESG-friendly method to monetize gold’s intrinsic value. The company’s acquisition strategy is internationally focused, aiming to secure mining titles with NI 43-101 certified gold resources, in readiness for the expected global adoption of NatGold legislation that will enhance tokenization opportunities worldwide.

About OroEx Corp.

OroEx Corp. stands as the exclusive NatGold Tokenizer, pioneering a transparent, auditable, and leverage-free ecosystem managed by SQL-Ledger ERP for the tokenization, monetization, and trading of digital NatGold This ecosystem strictly complies with international geological and financial standards. Adhering to the devaluation-free currency principle established by the Geneva-based International NatGold Council, OroEx does not charge fees for storing or securing NatGold coins in the OroEx Digital Vault. This zero-fee policy ensures that all tokens are fully backed by certified gold resources, maintaining a steadfast 100% gold resource-to-token value relationship.

OroEx capitalizes on the burgeoning digital NatGold sector, a field that merges three significant financial trends—gold, ESG, and digital assets—into a potential super trend. Investors engaging with OroEx are at the forefront of redefining gold as a sustainable and credible asset, emphasizing its importance as genuine wealth within an environmentally and socially responsible framework.

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