As a proud sponsoring member of the International NatGold Council (“INC”), Great Eagle Gold actively supports the council’s mission. The INC, a Swiss commercial foundation, acts as the self-regulated organization responsible for establishing NatGold industry policy and standards. Its work is crucial in supporting the development of a global NatGold industry that is committed to maintaining integrity across all aspects of the NatGold ecosystem.

The council’s primary mission focuses on the development of legislative policies and the setting of integrity standards, particularly regarding the tokenization and monetization of assets. These efforts are essential in fostering a robust NatGold industry and ensuring the highest levels of monetary integrity for NatGold coins.

Beyond policy-making, the NatGold Council also dedicates efforts to promoting the NatGold marketplace globally. Through strategic marketing and targeted media campaigns, it educates the worldwide community on the unique benefits of NatGold, positioning it as the premier asset-backed digital currency.

The council receives financial support primarily through two avenues: monetary contributions from its sponsoring members, like Great Eagle Gold, and a 2.5% Net Tokenization Royalty. This royalty is paid in NatGold coins and collected at the point of tokenization where all NatGold coins are created.